About Somerset Cider Company

Our company is based at Higher Plot Farm in the heart of South Somerset cider country. This is a world where you cannot fail to be completely infused with the history, diversity and quirky eccentricity of cider culture.  We are surrounded by apple trees including our own ancient Half Moon orchard which we are restoring and replanting. In the way of these things, this will take many of years but this is a world where there’s no rushing if you want to do things properly. We buy and sell apples, juice and finished cider from a range of producers from small farms that only produce a barrel or two to some of the increasingly large concerns that have grown over the last few years. The only criteria we have is that their cider is fermented from fresh Somerset apples  (why on earth would you do anything else!) and, that it tastes great.

Do we have a philosophy? – this is cider so we can’t be doin' with all that.  We just take things as they come.